Palin Genesia is a christian foundation. It was established in Jakarta – Indonesia in 1995.

Palin Genesia is a Greek term. In the bible it is used twice, in Matthew 19:28 and in Titus 3:5. In King James version palin genesia is translated as regeneration.

In Matthew 19:28 palin genesia refers to the future, when The Son of Man sits on his glorious throne. It points to the coming of new heavens and a new earth (see 2 Peter 3:13 and Revelation 21:1-5).

In Titus 3:5, however, palin genesia points to the inner cleansing and renewal of the human nature by The Holy Spirit.

Through this “palin genesia”, mankind’s spiritual condition is transformed from a disposition of sin to one of a new relation with God. Praise the Lord, this is happening here and now.

Our mission is to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ using the internet.

To help nurture, develop and strengthen faith, hope and love in Lord Jesus Christ.

Sharing of the Gospel through

  • websites
  • blogs
  • mailing lists
  • virtual social networks and the likes

Bank Danamon – Bintaro Jaya Branch – Jakarta 12330 – Indonesia
Account number : 233.090-00431.3
Account holder : Yayasan Palin Genesia